• Admission Open Session 2024-2025
  • "Best Senior Secondary School for your Child"
  • Dear parents and students, We are thrilled to announce that admissions are now open for the upcoming academic year at Nalanda Public School! 📚✏️
  • Our dedicated team of educators is committed to nurturing each student's unique talents and fostering a love for learning.
  • Don't miss the chance to be part of an educational journey that goes beyond textbooks, where curiosity is encouraged, and dreams are realized.



.Aesthetically designed classrooms equipped with digital technologies and top notch maintenance. 

.Students are given access to Library, Science labs, Computer lab,  Music lab, creative designing room. 

.Separate labs for primary section- computer, music and library.

.Every classroom assigned with separate subject wise chart and printable display spaces for students to acquaint themselves with extra subject knowledge and concept enhancement.

Nalanda public school is by any mean the best school in town. Many innovations have been introduced in curriculum, Teaching Methodologies, Evaluation techniques along side beautifully designed infrastructure and  academic innovative features like credit point system, innovative assembly etc.


.School follows curriculum defined by CBSE and NCF but implements it in a very different way.

.Introduction of reasoning as part of syllabus

.Practice of Olympiad level questions regularly.

.Maths club has been established.

.Vedic maths and abacus syllabus is taken up to ensure fast calculations.

.English and languages development- standardisation of grammar and Olympiad level questions.

.Extempore and public speaking regular part of innovative assembly

.Public speaking club , readers club , writers club

.Organisation of various competitions interclass and inter house

.English communication essential part of credit point system.

.Science club and exhibition

.current affairs

.Creative arts development

.Performing arts development

.Sports development-Football, Taekwondo, Chess, Sprinting etc. are also organised time to time to develop sportsman spirit and team spirit.

.Inter house and inter class competitions are always promoted.


Examination for Primary section comprises of 2 Unit Tests and 2 Term Examination per academic session. The school follows the grading system of assessment of all examinations.

.Monthly Tests at the end of every chapter.

.RQS (Random Questioning Session) is conducted after every chapter is winded up.

.The school emphasis on English Communication.

.Reading, writing, speaking handwriting, vocabulary, recitation and spellings are also a part of assessment.

.Projects, worksheets and assignments are also in practice after every chapter is done.

.Activities like G.D. , value education, co- curricular activities are also included in evaluation system.

.Poem recitation activity is conducted on a regular basis to give some fun and learning to the children.

.As a skill subject, the students are practicing Computer Applications.

.Written and Oral exams are conducted timely.

.The school also emphasis on personality development of the children from the initial stage of learning which includes:

1.Moral values

2.Respect for others

3.Self control


.The students participate in various activities of Music – Dance and Games which is also graded.

Teaching Methodologies

.Teachers Lesson plans are made in advance

.Use of digital smart boards

.Loving and caring attitude.

.Mother teacher concept has been extended

.Credit point system to ensure quest and Random Questioning session in every subject.

.Primary section has been separately assigned a coordinator, an observer whose roles and responsibilities.

.In addition school management and principal involve themselves actively in day today affairs.